About MAP™

The Manufacturing Accelerator Program (MAP) is a unique and affordable program that has proved to be very effective in several manufacturing rich countries.

It offers a complete transition into the modern world of agile Make-To-Order/Engineer-To-Order manufacturing, enabling companies to meet today’s demands for high levels of product and service customisation, high customer services levels with predictable well managed costs, delivery times and quality that are required to compete in today’s competitive world market.


MAP™ offers


Ongoing manufacturing education programme to develop and enhance the knowledge of all staff to ensure the growth towards a knowledge based economy. Various forms of financial structuring and assistance for qualifying companies and sectors, allowing for time to rebuild or enhance capability to rise to a new level of strength and sustainability.

Why MAP™

Value creation with MAP™

Clearly for many companies their current costs to produce exceed their perceived value added when compared to the rest of the market, and MAP addresses this in many ways so that the unit costs can be whittled down while revenue is grown through being more competitive and growing local and global market share.

value creation with MAP

The results of MAP™ for the manufacturing company

The results of the MAP for the manufacturing company

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