Google Glass Project helps SA manufacturing companies to become ready for the future

The manufacturing industry is evolving constantly and development takes place at a rapid pace in a fast-changing global market. Smart Industry is the new standard and current trends include re-shoring, mass customisation, mobility, drone delivery and supply chain integration. The Manufacturing Accelerator Programme (MAP™) helps manufacturing companies around the world to become ready for the future. MAP™ uses modern technology to create smart factories and prepare for the new wave of wearable technology. That’s why the Google Glass Project was introduced to South Africa.

Operating in a Smart Industry means increasing competitiveness, profit improvements, export preparedness and being in a better position with a higher level of responsibility in the supply chain. MAP™ uses modern technology to create smart factories and prepare for the new wave of wearable technology. That’s why we have introduced the Google Glass project to South Africa. “We are always looking for new innovative technologies that can help companies to perform better and become key players in the supply chain. Smart devices – like Google Glasses – provide a wide range of opportunities. Google Glass makes it possible to show instructional videos on the shop floor and offer live assistance to the operator wearing the glasses. Quality control checks can also be performed instantly and recorded electronically at the touch of a button by taking a photograph with the Google Glass. This makes paperless document management a reality instantly,” said Frank Groot, Isah product developer.

Results of using Google Glasses include improved service levels, better efficiency, better quality, less mistakes and lower costs. They enable less-skilled workers to do skilled work as they are guided through the processes by the in-glass instruction manuals. Faster production times and improved quality standards promote / aid job-creation in South Africa. Ian Huntly, co-founder of MAP™ in South Africa said, “The results of the Google Glass project are very promising. It definitely helps South African manufacturing companies to meet today’s demands for high levels of quality, service and productivity – an important step towards becoming a competitive player in the world market.”

Greg Walker, MD of Mitech Control Valves said, “We have been working with Google Glass for only a short time now but we have already noticed great improvements in quality and productivity. Our people find it fun and easy to work with Google Glass as their hands are free!”

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