MAP™ signs Memoranda of Agreement and Trade Agreements with IDSA and Transnet in the presence of Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte

During the recent visit of the Dutch Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte, to SA, a memorandum of agreement and trade agreements were two of the significant happening to mark his official visit to the country. The purpose of the Memoranda of Agreement between ISDA and MAP™ and between Transnet and MAP™ is to work towards the common objective of promoting and developing countries to act as industrial suppliers to State Owned Companies (SOCs) in South Africa.

MAP™’s role will be to develop opportunities by developing funds where needed, mentoring and training, implementing Smart IT Solutions and developing new educational material in conjunction with business schools. In conjunction with this, ISDA supports the implementation of localisation, transformation and industrialisation programmes within the supplier communities of State Owned Companies and other strategic industry sectors to ensure the sustainability and long-term growth of their supplier bases.

Transnet is keen to develop and transform their suppliers both directly and through their OEMs to become a globally competitive rolling stock industry in line with the National Development Plan. This will facilitate all parties achieving the OEM’s compliance to their commitments to local content obligations. Transnet is partnering with ISDA and MAP™ to implement the MAP™ Programme to its first five suppliers before rolling out into subsequent implementations with more suppliers.

Mr. Thabiso Taaka, Chairman of the Industrialisation Supplier Development Association (ISDA) said MAP™ has signed agreements with the ISDA and Transnet to develop suppliers to become internationally competitive and sustainable manufacturing businesses that will go a long way to aid the revival and transformation of the manufacturing sector in South Africa. “We are pleased to have selected MAP™ for this critical part of the evolution of our country’s democracy. The Dutch have played an important role in the country’s transition and remain one of our key allies,” he said.

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